For Australia, required documents

  • Unique Identification with somewhere around a half year legitimacy and least 3 clear pages + every old visa if any; Legally approved duplicate of all pages of just current visa, including the bio information page, adjustments page and final page of the identification
  • The application for a visa to Australia
  • (Photo Specification) two recent color photographs
  • A personal covering letter (on plain paper for employed people or on company letterhead for self-employed people
  • Unique refreshed Bank Proclamation (most recent a half year)
  • The last three years' income tax returns and Form 16
  • Financial documents supporting the claim, such as investments in real estate, fixed deposits, and so on. (Optional
  • You might have to have medical and x-ray tests done

Please note that the government has very strict requirements for photographs; please ensure that your images meet these requirements.

  • Validity

The typical validity period in Australia is one to three years. You are permitted to remain in Australia for up to 90 days and may even enter multiple times during this time. Span of Stay You can visit Australia for business or pleasure with the Visitor Visa. Every nation is welcome to participate. In most cases, a stay of up to three months is granted; however, in some cases, a stay of up to twelve months may be granted.

  • Time for processing

The time it takes to process an Australia visa can be up to two weeks.