Saudi Employment Visa

A Saudi Employment Visa, also known as a Saudi Work Visa, is a type of visa that allows foreign nationals to work and reside in Saudi Arabia. This visa is typically sponsored by a Saudi employer or company that has obtained a work permit for the applicant. Here’s some information about the Saudi Employment Visa:

  • Sponsorship :

To obtain a Saudi Employment Visa, you must have a job offer from a Saudi employer. The employer will act as your sponsor and will be responsible for initiating and overseeing the visa application process.

  • Work permit :

Before applying for the employment visa, the Saudi employer must obtain a work permit on your behalf from the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development. The work permit serves as the basis for your employment in the country.

  • Eligibility :

The specific eligibility criteria and requirements for a Saudi Employment Visa may vary based on the job position, your qualifications, and the policies set by the Saudi Arabian government. It is essential to consult with your employer and the Saudi embassy or consulate for detailed information relevant to your situation

  • Application process :

Once the employer has obtained the work permit, they will submit the necessary documents to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an authorized visa agent. The application typically includes the work permit, a letter of offer or employment contract, copies of educational certificates, and other supporting documents.

  • Visa duration :

The Saudi Employment Visa is usually issued for an initial period of one to two years. After arriving in Saudi Arabia, you can work and reside in the country for the duration specified in the visa. It’s important to note that the visa must be renewed before its expiration if you intend to continue working in Saudi Arabia.

  • Residence permit :

Upon entering Saudi Arabia with an Employment Visa, you must obtain a residence permit (Iqama) within 90 days. The employer usually assists in the Iqama application process, as it involves various procedures and requirements.

  • Entry restrictions

The Saudi government reserves the right to approve or deny an Employment Visa application without providing a specific reason. It’s essential to comply with Saudi Arabia’s laws, regulations, and cultural norms during your stay and employment.

  • Checklist of Required Docs for Indian Citizens to Obtain Various Types of Visa for Saudi Arabia :

  • Original Passport with at least two empty pages and six months validity
  • Recent color photograph with white background
  • Online Agency Authorization
  • Medical Fitness Report (Kindly browse the link
  • Original Employment Contract attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of KSA.
  • For Professional categories, Original Degree Certificate attested by SACA. For skilled categories, Skill Certificate has to be submitted.