Tajikistan visa

The Tajikistan visa for Indians is an e-visa application that can be applied through SVA (Saudi Visa Office)

  • Prerequisites for Tajikistan Visa

The prerequisites for getting a Tajikistan visa are:

  • You should have an identification that is substantial for essentially an additional a half year from the date of section.
  • You should have a legitimate charge/Mastercard for paying the visa expense
  • You should have a perfect lawbreaker record
  • You should be from one of the nations qualified for an eVisa
  • You should have some other extra archives required (contingent upon your identity
  • The necessities for getting a Tajikistan visa at the government office rely upon the country where you are applying. You will require a greeting letter from a visit office, a person in Tajikstan, or a host organization/association.
  • Validity

The electronic visa is legitimate for 90 days, in any case, its holder can remain in Tajikistan for something like 60 schedule days. Electronic visa holders don't have to enroll with the inside specialists of Tajikistan.

  • Length of stay

The Tajikistan vacationer visa qualifies Indians for visit this country for 60 days for single and various passages, contingent upon the movement agenda.

  • Handling Time

The Tajikistan visa is handled web-based inside 5 working days.