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Saudiwakala is an accredited UK visa company, assisting those travelling to Thailand in securing a visa from the country’s embassy. An incredibly popular destination for tourists, workers and businesspersons alike, possessing a visa is necessary for certain people who wish to enter. This is where our services can be beneficial.

Here at Saudiwakala, we have long helped UK citizens obtain visas for Thailand, and our one-stop solution can take the responsibility and stress of the application process away from you. The Saudiwakala team is well aware of just how inconvenient it can be to secure travel documentation, especially when all you want to be doing is planning your trip. But by using our Thailand visa service, you can sit back while we take care of this on your behalf you.

Please note: Our visa services do not extend to those wishing to come to the UK from Thailand.

  • Nepal Tourist/Business Visa

finished in 2 working days

  • How to apply for a Thailand visa

  • Look at the guidelines – Thoroughly read the details of all of the relevant documentation for which you’re applying.
  • Organise your documents – Gather everything you need, such as passport photos, flight booking confirmation and a Thailand visa application form.
  • Buy your visa –After choosing the Thailand visa you need, you can pay online. We accept debit and credit cards, as well as Apple Pay.
  • Submit your application – You can either post your application to GulfVisa or drop it off at our office in Mayfair, London. We typically turn applications around in six working days, though this doesn’t include delivery times for those choosing to post their application to us.
  • Thailand visa cost

Types of Visa Service duration Fees GBP (£)
Business Visa Standard Service: Completed within 2 working days From £119
Tourist Visa Standard: Completed within five working days From £89
  • Travel to Thailand -A mini guide

Among the world’s ten most-visited countries, Thailand is arguably the most famous backpackers’ destination for a reason. With its idyllic beaches, jaw-dropping jungles, delicious food and world-renowned party scene, it’s no wonder Thailand is held in such high regard.

  • Thailand's Culture

Thai culture is incredibly diverse with influences from India, China and other Southeast Asian nations. For example, the national religion is Buddhism, which spread from India in around 250 BCE. Roughly 95% of the population is Buddhist, and the King of Thailand is required by law to be a Theravada Buddhist.

Another example of foreign influence on Thai culture can be seen in its cuisine. Consisting of lightly-prepared dishes with strong aromas and spices, Thai food is believed to have evolved from both Indian and Chinese practices, beginning when Indian Buddhist monks first brought the curry to the country. Traditional ceremonies of marriage, ordination, merit making and cremation were adopted from Indian traditions, and the Thai language of Phasa Thai is modelled on ancient Indian Sanskrit and Pali alphabets. It also has influences of Khmer, Malay, English and Chinese.

That said, Thailand’s culture is distinct in its own right. For example, Thai food is typically spicier than Chinese cuisine, but much less creamy than Indian dishes. While everything from the Thai sports of Muay Thai and Makruk, to the Thai classical dance dramas of Khon and Lakhon nai are unique to the country.

  • Thailand's Economy

Thailand has made huge economic strides over the last four decades. It’s transformation into an upper-income nation during this time has been fueled by a massive drive to expand and improve education and health services. Thailand now has the eighth largest economy in Asia, ahead of countries like Iran, UAE and Malaysia. Its main industries include automotive, tourism and agriculture sectors, and the country boasts the largest automotive industry in Southeast Asia and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Around 9-10.5% of its GDP comes from agricultural production.

  • Thailand's most popular destinations

One of Thailand’s most renowned sights are the Phi Phi Islands, which are located between Phuket and the coast of the Straits of Malacca. Attracting more than a thousand visitors a day, the islands offer everything from paradiscal beaches and jungle hiking trails, to monkeys and scuba diving opportunities.

Another hugely popular destination in Thailand is the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Arguably the country’s most iconic landmark, the dazzling, opulent complex was built in 1782 and was for a long time the home of the King of Thailand, the Royal court, and the administrative seat of government. Characterised by its asymmetric and eclectic architecture, you can admire the site from afar before venturing inside, with the complex partially open to visitors as a museum. Spending a few days in Bangkok is also a must. Here, you’ll find sights including The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the bustling Khaosan Road and the Wat Arun riverside temple.

Other must-visit locations in Thailand include the stunning Khao Yai National Park, the UNESCO World Heritage City of Sukhothai, and the action-packed cities of Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket.

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